Sunday, December 8, 2013

If Wishes Came True

I've been blogging about the Monster High dolls the last few months, starting with this post in June. The imperfect characters of Monster High have been charming, scary, funny and generally very entertaining.
Now they get even more entertaining with their very own movie length DVD! 13 Wishes hits the shops this month, with the ghoulish gals storming the small screen with their larger than life personalities. The movie introduces several new characters: Gigi, he daughter of the Genie, and Twyla, daughter of the Boogey Man.
Here's Twyla, who's shy and hides in the shadows. She captures nightmares, so that only sweet dreams get through. Aww…isn't that sweet?
In 13 Wishes, Howleen Wolf, sister of Clawdeen Wolf, finds a genie and her lamp in the attic of Monster High. She is granted, 13 wishes, of course, but every wish comes with a dark price. Watch as the other girls try to save Howleen from this folly and from herself!
Be scareful what you wish for, eh? Sorry, couldn't resist!
Happy Sunday!
For more information on Monster High™, including its student body, videos, and more, visit where the ghoul kids rule at

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