Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's just any old the Monster High gals!

Halloween is around the corner. I'm still trying to think of costumes for my girls. Not that we celebrate it with pumpkins in the house or faux spiders everywhere. There are a couple of real ones around, I'm sure, but I doubt they realise the significance of October 31. But I do like making costumes for the kids, and usually they wear it to school and have a hoot. (Owl, nighttime, spooky, get it? Oh, never mind, lame joke.)

This here is Frankie Stein. We love Frankie. She's down to earth, yet electrifying. Ok, ok, enough with the puns! On the surface, this looks like a normal Frankie, but she's actually part of the Ghouls Alive collection. She comes alive! When you press a button on her tummy, she lights up, showing her skull, ribcage and neck, along with bombastic ghoulish sounds.

Third picture (above) shows her all lit up. In reality, you can see the lines of her skulls and ribcage, which is spooky even to me. So you might want to test the waters a little before getting it for your kids. At first, mine insisted I hide Frankie under a pillow THE WHOLE TIME. But after a few tries, they got used to the idea. Now I have to stop them pressing the belly too many time, in case the battery runs out before Halloween!

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