Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's play Frankenstein!

We're playing with body parts, this weekend. That's right, body parts. Taking a cue from Dr Frankenstein himself and dismantling a few bodies. 
Scared yet? Well, actually, it's just plastic parts, of dolls. The girls got a little overly excited about the dolls, and I didn't have time to take the dolls while still in their pack. It's the latest Monster High Create-A-Monster Color Me Creepy Starter Pack. Google the name and you'll see what the pack looks like. We got the Sea Monster doll, the one shown on the far left in the first picture.

The instructions say to take off the limbs and soak them in hot water first, like the picture above. Then prepare another container of ice cold water. We put in an ice cube for good measure. Now it's time for some fun. Take the limbs out of the hot water and dip them into the cold water, and voila! They turn black!

 The pack also comes with an ice stylus, like below. You're supposed to pop out the inner tube, add water and put that in the freezer to freeze. Once frozen, put the inner tube back into the blue casing shown below. It didn't work so well for us. We Youtubed a few videos online, and found this to be quite helpful.
The girls had a blast with the colour changing limbs. Once you remove the blackened limbs from the cold water, they turn back to blue upon contact with heat. A good half an hour was spent giggling over the changing colours.

 The Add-on Pack comes with accessories that change colour as well.
We put the dresses in the fridge for five minutes, as the instructions said, and they came out in different colour, like below.
 The accessories went through the same hot and cold water dips. Cool eh?
 Now, the Sea Monster needs friends, doesn't she? So out comes the Mummy & Gorgon starter pack.
Is that enough body parts for you?
  The limbs are interchangeable for both dolls, so mix it up a little!
 Happy weekend, all!

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