Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is in the air

I love prints. Show me a piece of fabric with a fabulous print and you would make my day. I have dreams of one day designing my own prints. The antique Chinese armoire I hunted down and purchased with my savings is now the loving home of scores of fabric I have collected over the years. Each time I buy a piece, I tell myself I'd make something from it. But the truth is, I can't bear to cut them up. So I'll probably end up the strange old lady with lots of fabric. C'est la vie!

A week ago, Pumpkin Patch told me their Spring Summer collection was in store, and for me to go and check them out. So I went. And what a treat it was. I picked these out for the girls. I swear if they made them in adult sizes, I would have gotten them for myself! These pretty prints will make up for all the dresses I had promised to make them each time I bring a haul of fabric home. They wore it to a birthday party on the weekend. If you're crazy about beautiful prints like me, go and see the collection! 
Pumpkin Patch Malaysia is now on Facebook.


Beatrice said...

I truly miss your features in The Star.

I would always tell your mum how much I love reading them when I meet her at St Mary's.

Anyway, all the blessed life.

From: An ex-student of your mum. :D

Elaine said...

Hello Beatrice,
Thank you very much for your words:) I truly appreciate it.

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