Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chilli Spray Recipe

The cucumber seeds I planted in October did sprout and grow, until the bugs got to them. They shot up really fast in about a week, but in equal time, bugs got to the leaves and soon devoured everything! So I asked my father if he could help. He is an avid gardener who populated our backyard with four-angled beans, pineapples, orchids and many leafy green vegetables at various times, and is always pottering around in the garden whenever he has time.

He told me to make a spray out of chilli and water. It's the most simple recipe in the world and completely free from chemicals and toxins.

Warning: Do NOT handle the chilli or chilli water with your bare hands at all, as it'll burn. Chilli burn is no joke. If your hand comes into contact with either, immediately wash under running water for about 2 minutes before continuing. If there are little kids in the house, make sure they stay away when you're making this.

You'll need:
10-15 of the hottest chillis you can find. I used Bird's Eye Chilli and Chilli Padi, two hot varieties.
Water, about 3 cups. I just filled up the mortar's cavity.
Spray bottle
Mortar and pestle

1. Pound the chilli in mortar and pestle until crushed. Add water and let steep for about five minutes.
2. Strain the chilli water into a bowl. Only the water is to go into the spray bottle as the seeds and skin will clog it up.
3. Pour into a spray bottle with a funnel. Remember, don't get any of that water on your hands.
4. Clean everything thoroughly.
5. Label the spray bottle accordingly. Keep it out of reach from children.
6. Spray on plants liberally to protect from ants and bugs. Take care when spraying, and make sure the wind is blowing away from you, so as not to get any on yourself or your eyes.
I have a remedy for chilli burn here, in case you need it, but I'd rather you never have to use it ok?

Happy bug-fighting! Here's the tomato plant I saved with the chilli water.

My growing garden, looking suitably...unkempt.
Here's a shot of my beautiful belimbing buluh, otherwise known as the mini starfruit, or biri-biri in Brazil.
My harvest. Not bad, huh? I'm cooking this is a little sugar and water until it softens, and keeping it in a jar for flavouring.
I've repotted my mint. Its existing pot (on the left) seemed too small for it, and the leaves refused to grow any bigger than a five-sen coin. Let's see if it likes its new home.
Happy 2013. It's going to be fabulous!


Yi Hwa said...

Guna tells me that you have to water mint twice a day. Have you tried that already? He's got a thriving mint pot so you might wanna try~ :)

Meimoirs said...

Chilli Spray! Sounds yummy to me. hehe!

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