Monday, October 1, 2012

Saying Hi!

Hello all,

It feels like I haven’t been consistently blogging for a while, doesn’t it? Occasionally I put up posts of meals and now, with my new obsession, my edible garden. But I really have been writing about motherhood, just not on the blog. For about a year now, I have a fortnightly column with The Star, the no. 1 daily in Malaysia. Every two weeks, I talk about my girls, how they drive me up the wall, how I love them to bits etc etc. I contemplated putting the columns on the blog, but that seems a little contrived no?

If you’re on Angelolli’s Facebook page, you’ll get the link to the columns, so what are you waiting for?

I also set myself a rule a while back, that every blog post has to be accompanied by stunning (ehem!) pictures, taken by me. That is hard, you have no idea how hard it is when I have another rule not to show my kids’ faces on the blog, as well as my kids’ rule that I cannot take their pictures, EVER. You see how the driving me up the wall happens?

Then I thought to myself, rules are made to be broken. Why can’t I just blog and have no pictures? So what if my readers are not stimulated visually? They will be stimulated intellectually by my witty posts. So there.

Please continue reading my blog, as I promise to put pictures up in the next post. Promise!

To add to my edible garden, I now have a young pomegranate tree, a pot each of basil and mint, and a tiny passionfruit plant. I tried growing the passionfruit from seed, but thought better of it, considering my thumb is not very green. Then I spotted a passionfruit plant in the nursery where I got the pomegranate, and thought I’d adopt that instead. I’ll put up pictures in the next post. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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