Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Garden Dwellers

I've added to my garden over the last few weeks. This is mint (left) and Thai Basil. I hope to keep the latter alive for longer than I did the last time I tried planting it. My mint is thriving, and I'm trying to coax another pot out of clippings from the original plant. I put the clippings into soil, and mini mint leaves are now growing (below).
The banana tree went into the ground two weeks back.
This is the pomegranate I got from the nursery. It's growing well.
I dropped some selasih (local basil) into soil and they've sprouted. They've grown bigger since this picture was taken two weeks ago. See picture of my little nursery below.
Tomato seedlings. Sign made by Lauren.
Passionfruit plant I got from the nursery.
Remember my ginger? They have grown!
My turmeric tubers are sprouting.
Three-day old cucumber seedlings.
My little nursery. See how much the selasih have grown?

Lauren helps me out in the garden every evening, because she wants to earn gardening merits. We haven't figured out what the merits will earn her, but she's happy to be watering the plants and pulling weeds. Sometimes I crumple up mint leaves for her to smell, because she loves mint, but she's not too sure about the Thai basil. 

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