Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh My Passionfruit!

This is the beautiful and delicious passionfruit. As a kid, my mother would buy the cordial for us, to be made into sweet drinks. I never knew what it looked like until very recently, and even more so, I didn't know it could be grown in our weather! 

The passionfruit is a fruit with a hard outer shell, to be cut open to extract the flesh and seeds. It's ripe when it gets wrinkly like the picture above. With about six fruits, I extracted a cup of flesh (250ml), which I then added to a blender with three cups of water. I blend it for a minute or so, to separate the flesh from the seeds. This mixture is then strained to remove the seeds entirely. Pour the strained juice into a jug, and add another three cups of water. Add sugar to taste. Serve with ice cubes. The drink is refreshing on a hot day and though sweetened, retains its tartness.

The seeds of course are going in the garden! How can I say no to my own passionfruit plant?
Since I have limited space, I'm going to try this in a long container. This is lined with crumpled up newspaper (for drainage) and burnt clay. It is then topped with the black potting soil (see picture below).
The last step is just to sprinkle the seeds liberally over the soil in the container. We'll see what happens in a few days. 
Here's to ice-cold passionfruit juices on hot Malaysian afternoons.


Winifred said...

Oh, I love passionfruit juice. Consider making ice-cream too. You'll have endless supply since you have the tree (soon) in your backyard.

Elaine said...

Have you made passionfruit ice cream before? It must taste yum!

Cynful Pleasure said...

nice juice for a hot weather!!

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