Monday, June 4, 2012

Come on, be a doll!


Ever since I made the Angelica doll, I've been experimenting with different dollies.This is Adele. She must have coffee every morning, and greek yoghurt topped with fresh papaya. Her haughty stance is from years of ballet, but her real love is making delicious pavlovas.

This is Constance. Her favorite color is black, but she's also open to greys and shades of magenta. She runs a vintage shoe store, and often has a cupcake in her hand.

Both dolls have taken up residence in the girls' room, together with the Angelica doll. I'm trying to make more clothes for them.

All the dolls I make are inspired by Angelica's girl drawings, which are constantly evolving. She recently learnt to draw a winking eye, so the next doll will probably have a permanent wink. She is also into drawing massive hair for her girls now, and I mean massive! With curls and all. That'll be a challenge to realise in an actual doll. Watch this space.

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