Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warning! This is going to be a very green post

We took the kids out of the city and into the jungle last weekend. Destination: Janda Baik, in Pahang, an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. Jungle is relative, of course, but there was enough greens to charm the socks off us city dwellers. We stayed at Zaini's Guesthouse, and our humble accommodation was called the Clubhouse. 

Less there are any illusions of grandeur, it is called thus because it's like the clubhouse of Enid Blyton days, a wooden shelter on stilts, closed only on one side, and open everywhere else. See? We sleep upstairs on mattresses and cook downstairs on a barbecue stove that we brought ourselves. Yep, this is roughing it at its best.
 But the view! And the foliage was beautiful.

 There were fruit trees galore on the grounds. We spotted this pineapple.
 And this was a huge cempedak near our Clubhouse. Pity it didn't drop while we were there.
 A dead honeycomb that the hosts hung in our sleeping quarters. Beautiful, yes?
The kids took a liking to a rock on the grounds. It was a jumping off rock, a place to have discussions, and more. They also spent a lot of time collecting dried leaves. Apparently, throwing leaves in the air is the game du jour, as is making a fake campfire.
Twas not an ipad in sight last weekend. We really need to get the kids out into the woods more!

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