Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Angelica doll

This is the Angelica doll, named so because I made it from one of Angelica's drawings.

She was a prolific girl drawer between the ages of four and five, and this was the only type of girl she drew, with the smiley eyes, wide grin and exaggerated pigtails. I've been meaning to make them up into dolls for the longest time. Finally now, two years later, I present the Angelica doll. 

On another note, I got tired of the girls constantly asking me where their things are. Mom, where's my pencil? Mom, where's the eraser? Mom, I can't find the ruler! So I made them a writing centre. All the stash they need is here, and each of them is responsible for putting things back after they use them. They've been pretty good with it and I haven't been losing my temper trying to locate a sharpener a dozen times a day.
Happy Thursday all!

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