Monday, January 9, 2012

Lauren's first book.

This is Lauren's first story and book, and I am so proud. I started the writing thing late with her, as opposed to Angelica, so I am super happy that we got the ball rolling. It's pretty random, her story, like how Angelica's were in the beginning. See my previous posts under the tag "writing". Enjoy the randomness!
As dictated to me by Lauren:
This is a story about a castle, some woods and a splish splash wave (which makes no appearance in the story whatsoever, so I'm expecting a sequel).
There was a big evil in the forest. He came out on a horse with a long tail.
There was a princess with really long hair called Rapunzel.
Then the horsey with the long tail came from the forest.
 And she is the princess with the long hair. Her name is Rapunzel.

The end.

Hope that makes you smile. I was smiling the whole night!
Happy new year!

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