Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Carols by Angelica Ling

This week, we're working on story maps. It's like a mind map for writers that I read about online. You map out your storyline as you make it up. I tried it with Angelica, as it's been a while since we did writing activities.

As she tells the story of the witch and the princess, I got her to place the characters on paper, along with their actions in the story.

Christmas Carols by Angelica Ling
"There was a witch and a princess. The witch decided to steal the princess'  singing voice, and have her a potion that tastes like barley. When the princess drank it, the witch took her voice. So the princess made a potion that tastes like strawberry. But it's not to take her voice back from the witch. It's just so that she has a new voice. Now she can sing Christmas carols! The end."

Below is her illustration of the story.
We'll try to do more of these story maps, because it helps her to visualise the story in its entirety before she illustrates it. The way we used to do it was more random - she's make the story up as she went along, which is good as well. This is just another way of approaching it.

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