Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Planting and painting

We have a new project! Planting a little vegetable patch. Recently, I found in my wedding gifts four bags of seeds. It was part of my dowry. Lest you think it's some archaic Chinese tradition, it's more a representation of the traditional Chinese dowry. My mother gave me a couple of enamel basins, an enamel potty, a set of teapot and teacups, yards of fabric, soap holders and four bags of vegetable seeds. In the olden days, a new bride is expected to bring her own wash basins and fabric to make her own clothes. The seeds are to plant so that she can contribute to the kitchen table. But I digress.

I found out the seeds are actually sawi (mustard greens), bitter gourd, lady fingers and long beans. So my girls and I decided to plant them.
The girls are quite excited about our little garden project. Being city kids, and having a fastidious grandma, they hardly get to play in the dirt. This is like Christmas come early for them! And they're quite good little gardeners. Lauren lovse shovelling dirt into tiny flowerpots and Angelica is having a blast arranging the pots.
We'll show you mroe of the seedlings once they have sprouted.
And when we're not planting, the girls are rediscovering their first love - finger painting. Angelica did a lot of that when she was younger, and Lauren is now getting her first taste of all that gooey goodness.
In the beginning, everyone insisted on not getting their hands dirty, so I handed them some brushes.
But of course painting is that much more fun when you CAN get dirty.
I recently set up a little painting area for the girls outside, and installed a ceiling fan, which has been a godsend. Now the girls can muck around with their paints and chalks without worrying about making a mess. And they spend less time in front of the TV.


KenJo said...

doesnt it hurt to see their pretty dresses.. "destroyed" by paints? hehehe...

Elaine said...

yes! luckily the paints nowadays wash out quite well. For acrylics, they have aprons on.

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