Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lauren's art

Lauren's drawing has evolved from random scribbling, often furiously concentrated on one spot on the paper, to vertical and horizontal lines, like above. It's still punctuated with spots (we think she's trying to draw eyes). Often, when you ask her what she's drawing, she'll say bananas. Everything is bananas. The above is supposed to be a bunch of bananas. 

It's the same with her painting. It used to be she would diligently cover the entire paper in black, brown or purple. She would paint in one spot until the paper tore or I took it away.

Last weekend, I gave her four colors on her palette - red, yellow, purple and white. She came up with these three paintings. The first started out yellow, until she discovered red was more fun. Then white came into the picture and she realized she could make pink with red and white and duly painted her own hands. She then started stamping her own hands on the paper (top left).
In the drawing below, she abandoned red and yellow and went for the purple. After painting her blob, she started rolling the whole length of her brush up and down her blob, discovering another way to get paint on paper.
Armed with her new knowledge, she did this below. Notice the roll marks/smudges from her brush? She then started to dab her brush along the top of the blob. Yep, you guessed it, bananas.
This is exactly how I want my kids to discover art - to play with color and texture and to be quite random in the beginning. The technical part can come later, when they grasp the concepts. And I do believe that as they experiment, they themselves will discover the technicalities of art, and I'll let that run its natural course.

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