Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy time and a talking pony named Pinky

Hello there,

My last post was 20 days ago! Tsk Tsk! My apologies.

I got up early to write today, and cleared my work area. There's still a lot of things, but at least I have space for my laptop and a doodle pad. While I was clearing, I found a story written by Angelica, which I had put aside to photograph and got lost in all the clutter. You will see it later in the post.

Right beside me is my new project, a visualisation diary. Children think in pictures, and have such active imaginations, I thought it was worth tapping into. They are the best at visualisation, which is what top athletes and successful businesspeople do to achive that final goal.

Two days ago, at the playground, we were the only ones there. The weather was cool and windy from the rain, and the only sound was an Indian song blaring from the radio at the guardhouse. Angelica and Lauren were swinging crazily, "almost touching the leaves on the tree branch up there, Mommy!" If I were up on that swing, I would be seriously scared. But the girls were exhilarated, wide grins plastered on their faces as the momentum took them back and forth on the swing.

It was the perfect time.

"When you close your eyes and swing like that, does it feel like you're flying?" I said.

"Yes, Mommy! Like I am a bird," said Angelica.

"Like a bird," echoed Lauren.

I asked them what they heard when their eyes were closed.

Angelica: I can hear Indian music!

Lauren: Dancing music!

Me: Can you hear the birds?

Lauren: Yeah! And a duckie. The duckie is talking to the birds.

I asked them to smell the air as the rain had just washed the grass. And feel the wind in their hair.

That took about 10 minutes, discussing what they heard, felt, smelt and saw when they opened their eyes.

I told them this could be their "happy time".

Later that night, I was playing hide and seek with Lauren, and she fell on one side of her body. She bawled! Usually when she cried, there was no getting through to her, until she stopped. And she always took a long time to stop. I picked her up and asked her if she was ok. Her head shook from side to side and she sobbed "I'm not ok!"

I then asked her if she remembered her happy time earlier today.


I asked if she remembered hearing the dancing music.


I asked if she remembered the duckie talking to the birds.

Amidst sobbing, she said "Ya!"

Did she remember swinging?


What were the birds saying?

"They want to mum mum (eat) fruits."

By this time, she had stopped bawling. That exchange took five minutes. It was the fastest she had ever calmed down! After that, when I asked if her arm was still painful, she said no.

Try this with your kids. Find their happy time, and use it the next time they have a boo boo, need a jab or are feeling down. Do share with me if it works for you!

And here's Angelica's story.


chiariyees said...

Aw~ that's a sweet story! :)

Elaine said...

thank you:)

Alice Law said...

How sweet, you nurture your girl well!

Elaine said...

Thank you Alice.

CathJ said...

so cute.. hihihi

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