Thursday, June 9, 2011

What my kids teach me about art

I always encourage my girls to experiment with art. They're given crayons, color pencils, paint, sidewalk chalk, sidewalk paint, pencils, glitter glue and recently Sharpie pens to do as they please. Not all at once, mind you. I try to limit it to one medium at a time, at most two. Some of their work you have seen on this blog. 

Angelica, 5, is able to manipulate several mediums at the same time - pencil, crayon and paint, for example. I've given Lauren, 2, paint and glitter glue at the same time, but I do need to guide her. I don't limit or control her, it's more like helping her squeeze glue out but she decides where the glue goes. Or if she's painting, showing her that she cannot repeatedly paint on one spot, which she has a tendency to do, if not the paper will tear. 

For both of them, I never dictate what they draw or the colors they use, or where they choose to start their work. Sometimes they start in the middle of the page, or right on the corners. One time, they discovered painting with the full length of the crayon instead of just the tip, and you get these beautiful renditions of the sunset.
Angelica then made a book about sunsets and sunrise (below).

Another time, Angelica decided to paint and then coat her painting with glitter glue, which I thought was pretty genius.
Glitter glue art by Angelica.
Glitter glue art by Lauren.
This is done by Angelica. It started out with her making handprints, which is a favorite with the girls. I asked her how she can add other colors to the picture, and she answered by painting yellow hearts, some of which turned into round blobs because they were too wet. Then she dipped her brush into red and made generous strokes randomly. I think it is really beautiful, something that won't look out of place framed up on the wall.

More art entries coming up when I get a chance to photograph them. Stay tuned!


Deepti Gonsalves said...

Hi Elaine

Loved reading your blog. It's 2.30 am here in Dubai and I should be fast asleep. But I am still enjoying all your reads and pictures.

keep blogging

Elaine said...

Hello Deepti,
Thank you so much for dropping by:) I really appreciate it. Remember to sleep too!:)

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