Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art and writing

Two things that I try to do consistently with the girls is art and writing. I started them out on finger paints and sidewalk chalk, moved on to crayons and poster paints. It's a great way for even young kids to hone their motor skills, and colour stimulates them. When Angelica was ready to print alphabets, I incorporated that slowly into our art and writing sessions, but I was happy to have her continue drawing and painting. With words, she would get distracted from the storyline. I wanted her to learn the process of telling a story, and not be bogged down by trying to get words right.

If you look at her first books, you'll see that her stories are all told by drawings only. See this post here, here and here. Then she started wanting to include words here

As she gains even better mastery of handwriting, the line between drawing and writing has blurred, because there will be words on all her drawings. But it's ok. As long as she's telling stories, she can use whatever medium she wants.

Sometimes she'll paint her entire story, which will be mainly washes of colour. Like when I got her tempera paints (in only purple and yellow) and she wanted to tell a story about purple and yellow. 

Her sister Lauren, who's about 2 and a half, is starting her own exploration with colour and painting as well. Not so much the telling stories bit yet, but we'll get there.
Angelica's Purple and Yellow.
Lauren's Purple and Yellow.
Yellow splashes by Lauren, glitter-glue swirls by Angelica.
Angelica's Yellow.
She's also started making labels for her things, which to me is also a way of communicating, telling a story. Here's the box that houses her precious stickers.
And it was exciting indeed when she discovered Sharpie pens! The colours, the thin lines, the possibilities. For three whole days, she did nothing but draw with those Sharpies. If you ask her now what her favourite thing is to draw with, it'll be her Sharpies.
The Princess.
Alien nation.
On top: popsicle designs for her restaurant. Bottom: dress designs.
I document every single pieces of the girls' artwork, even the scribbles. I take photographs of them and share some of them on this blog. In the future, I want to get a scanner to scan everything and keep them in soft copy, so I can discard some of the physical work. Right now, everything is in a few plastic hard case files. It's cool when you take them out and look at how their skills and creativity have evolved.

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