Saturday, April 2, 2011

You know I hate bugs?

Yes I do. Not the ones with wings, more the creepy crawlies - slugs, worms, caterpillars.  I received a caterpillar plushy once, for the girls when they were babies, and it went straight into storage. But these caterpillars I can live with. They're made with egg cartons, and is such a blank canvas for the kids to unleash their creativity on. Just cut up an egg carton into rows and let the painting begin! The feelers and legs are made with pipecleaners (poke a hole through the sides with a skewer and twist the pipe cleaner in) and I bought googly eyes for the girls to stick on, but you can always draw the eyes on. And get them some glitter glue to jazz up their creations.
 This is Lauren's many-eyed caterpillar. 
This is Angelica's rainbow caterpillar. 
Note: From now on, I will grade the kids' work into how many minutes of peace it allows me.

Duration: 45 minutes
Minutes of peace: About 25 minutes as I had to occassionally step in to help little hands with the glitter glue and pipe cleaner. 
Things I got done: Watched Junior Masterchef!

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