Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let them think it's coco crunch

This is Lauren's afternoon snack, and on a good day, Angelica's too. Lauren is a more experimental eater, she'll try anything once, and usually ends up liking everything. Angelica, however, is comfortable keeping to the five types of food she regularly eats. Five, of course is not literal. I'm just saying...

This is a new brand of organic cereals I discovered, and the fact that it looks like coco crunch got me all excited. Because you know coco crunch. It's probably 100% sugar, which is why the kids love it so much. It's called Andean Pops (already, the name sounds healthy!) and it is quinoa and rice breakfast cereal with raw cocoa. The sugar in it is organic refined cane sugar, and it's at the bottom of the ingredients list. The first item listed on the ingredients list makes up 90% of the content, and then the quantity goes down as you go down the list.

The pops are not as crunchy as coco crunch, but they have a rich cocoa taste and when mixed with milk,  turn it into chocolate milk, just like Mr crunch. So anything that can turn milk into chocolate milk gets a big plus from the girls.

I also picked up some rolled amaranth from the same brand, which is a grain the Aztecs and Incas swear by. It's like quinoa, a rich source of proteins and amino acids. I just sprinkle this on top of the pops, or in Lauren's oatmeal in the morning. There is very little taste, so it goes mostly undetected by the girls.

Tip: Serve the kids cereal in a glass; they finish it faster than if you serve it in a bowl! 
The brand, Olive Green Organics is gluten-free and the entire range is ethically grown, procured and produced. It's available from Justlife.

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