Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lemon has a salon

Yes, Lemon Meringue, Strawberry Shortcake's friend has a salon where she does the girls' hair and nails. You guessed it, we're on a little Strawberry Shortcake streak at the moment, and by little I mean hours and hours of continuous play, and by streak, I mean hours and hours of continuous play. I not only know the names of all the berry-licious characters, I can identify them by voice. 

Anyway, back to the salon. Angelica also wants a salon. She made up a menu and an appointment card, both of which were in the danger of falling apart, seeing how busy her salon was. So I decided to make her a salon kit.

Angelica's salon kit for Angelica's Salon For Kids.
This was her original salon menu. On the left are all the different hair colors, on the right, hairstyles. I just stuck it on a used paper folder so it won't tear.
Her appointment card, which I improvised from her original one. Now, slotting me in for green hair and plaits is a breeze!
I decided to educate her a little about record keeping, so these are customer cards and bills that she can fill in after each visit. Data mining AND math lessons - how's that for efficient?

Oh, and I made her and Lauren hairdressers' capes (first picture above). It's first class service all the way!


Yi Ling said...

Hi Elaine,
You are really patient with your kids. I am guilty of neglecting my girls as I am busy compiling datas/ documents for hubby's business income tax submission.

Elaine said...

Only patient on certain days:P

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