Sunday, March 6, 2011

A house for the cat

This was a working weekend for me, so the girls kept busy with their dad while I was out. I already feel guilty enough for working on weekdays; when I have to take time away from the kids on weekends, it's a double whammy. So I say to myself: think of the bigger picture. I am working on a book project, which has been a really exciting journey for the last three months. It's finally starting to take shape and the pieces are falling into place. Besides, other than a few prolonged hugs from the girls in the morning before I left the house, they seemed none the worse for wear for being without me for a couple of hours. 

And I've always had the sneaky suspicion they have more fun with their dad anyway. Their laid-back dad who lets them eat nonsense like chocolate, chips, ice-cream and icing instead of the cake and watch Spongebob Squarepants. Yeah, that one. 

They tell me no ice-cream or chocolate was consumed during my absence, but there may have been icing and chips. AND they made a house for the toy cat, which later got taken over by the toy walrus. The mini books are for times when the occupant gets a little bored.

I think I can recover from that just fine.


Yi Ling said...

Hi Elaine,
I think kids benefit from different parenting styles of both their parents.
Mums-paranoid & protective style, dads-laid back & let-them-explore style. My hubby even uses my daughter as a machine gun to play shooting (holding them as a gun and use their leg to simulate reload *faint*) and my girls love it.

Elaine said...

Yi Ling,
Sounds like your kids have a lot of fun!!!:)

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