Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 things I learnt from my kids about art

1. Everything can be art. They draw on EVERYTHING, the back of the art block, newspapers, my magazines (sob!), my wall (big sob!). 
2. Mixed media is the way to go. Play-doh animals against magic marker backdrops, why not? The more the merrier. Kids love to explore different textures, so mixed media is actually the best option.
3. Who says the sky has to be blue and giraffes can't have pink spots? Or green bodies. Children below the age of 6 draw what they think, not what they see, so don't correct them. It stifles their creativity.
4. Art keeps them occupied, which means they don't ask for TV.
5. Art keeps them occupied, which means they don't ask for much. 
6. Letting kids work with their hands is the best and only way to go; it hones their motor skills and encourages creativity.
7. Mess can be cleaned up, so quit whining about it.
8. Letting them wear aprons during art-time makes them feel very important, so get aprons for them.
9. It doesn't matter if the Play doh or paint get a little mixed; that's how the kids will discover new color combos. 
10. A solid hour of artwork for kids below five is nothing short of a miracle. Do you know how many skills and how much coordination and concentration are needed to do this for an adult? Let alone a child? And how much creativity is generated? A whole damn lot!

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