Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday with Zero Screen Time (maybe a little lah)

The girls stayed home today, because I had to work for about two hours at noon. When I came home from work, Angelica brought out her homework. I use the term homework loosely - it wasn't a hundred math questions or 5,000 words to learn. It was this.
I forgot to take a before picture. It was the outline of a body printed on a piece of paper. She had to draw in the face and hair, and make a cheongsam and shoes out of fabric for the paper doll. Her school is having an International Day, so this is her representation of her roots - a Chinese doll.
This is the pattern I drew on grease-proof oven paper for the dress and shoes (drawn by Angelica), which I then transferred onto fabric. After I cut out the fabric, Angelica used fabric glue to adhere the cheongsam to a cereal box, which was then cut out. She pasted it onto the paper doll.
We also made one for Lauren. 
I had to do a mock-up for a project I am working on, so Angelica wanted in on the action. I gave her an old Astro magazine and she started cutting and pasting. 
A page with her favorite programs on TV.

Though Lauren didn't make anything today, she was very hands-on, literally. She got her hands stuck in the glue we were using, messed up her nails with crayons from the art-box, and occassionally lured her sister away from the task at hand to play chase and eat oranges.
By the time we finished, it was evening. The clouds were spectacular today.
So was the jet plane we saw, leaving behind two strings, as the girls described it.
 Then Angelica and her friend decided to cook leaves...
...which became a star.

Usually, when the girls spend a good part of the day watching TV, I notice they get a little anti-social when we're at the park or playground. It takes them a while to warm up to the other kids. But today, they were friendly and playful from the word go and really went for it, whether picking out stones to throw in the air or running as fast as the wind.

No-screen day was great. The kids spent the day crafting, playing and chasing each other, and they didn't even realise that the TV wasn't on Playhouse Disney and that the Ipad was off! 

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