Friday, February 11, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai Part 2

We're back from a fun trip back to Sibu and I finally got round to editing the rest of the Chinese New Year pictures I took. We hung up paper disco balls, as the girls call them.
Vintage style packaging for my favourite new year snack - sweet and sour pickled fruits! This is what I call beauty on the inside and out.
Mandarin oranges.
The girls in their cheongsams.
They got a little bored after a while, so started drawing.
A princess shark wearing a cheongsam - by Angelica. In case you ca't make them out, the little blue fishes are saying "Oh no, shark!"
Lauren drew her favourite snack - M & Ms. She has an eye for colour, this one.
Next post is all about Sibu.

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