Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Year in Sibu

After a year of not being home, we finally made the trip back. The girls were very excited. My hometown has changed a lot over the years - roads are different, new buildings sprouted everywhere and even the people living there have shifted dynamics. There is a whole new generation of people whose faces are not familiar to me. Mandarin seem to have replaced the native dialect of Foochow, which is a little disconcerting since we are a Foochow town. Since people insisted on replying my queries in Mandarin, I too insisted on asking them in Foochow. We seem to understand each other just fine, so all is good.
Once we get there, the girls wasted no time settling into their grandparents' home. There's goldfish and a turtle to be fed, a dog to say hi to, the neighbour's roosters to check out and my childhood bed to jump on. And since it is Chinese New Year, there are relatives to visit. 
Angelica watching from a distance as her older cousins played with firecrackers.
This is one of the main reasons we are back. Kampua noodles, boiled noodles tossed in pork lard, shallots, spring onion and a special soy sauce, topped with thin slices of dry char siu. The breakfast of champions, man! The stall that we've frequented since I was born, and my father before me, is about to close down, so this was a must every morning that we were back.

I took the girls to the library so Angelica could get her own card. They had a blast among the shelves of books and I had a blast looking for my old favourites. 
The statue of readers outside the library.
It was a good trip.

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