Monday, January 3, 2011

What happens when you have no internet connection

Last week, I had a bit of drama with my internet service provider. Connection has been intermittent and unstable over the last three weeks, allowing me to stay online for only five minutes at a time. It was impossible to get anything done, so I called up the provider and they said they would send a technician. After one missed appointment, several irate phone calls and a technician finally making an appearance to change my router, all was in order again. I didn't have to kill anyone.

With my new router installed, the girls had this...a standard issue router box...
...which had an uncanny resemblance to a crab when turned over, as pointed out to me by Angelica.
So when life gives you a crab-like router box, what can you do but make Glitter Crabs!

Glitter Crabs by Angelica.

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