Saturday, January 1, 2011

I've got lime juice on my new stools!

Today is the first day of 2011. I started posting in this little blog in 2008 and look how far I have come! Angelolli has become my creative playground, for me to explore crafting, food, photography and much much more. Thank you for sharing the journey with me. Stay with me a little longer, and I promise you many more exciting adventures ahead. 

To start off the new year, here's an old childhood favorite of mine. Calamansi lime juice. My mother would make this on Saturday mornings, when she comes back with a fresh batch of limes on market day.   You need about eight limes to half a litre of water. Halve limes and squeeze the juice into a tumbler. Remove seeds if you prefer. In a separate glass, dissolve 4 generous tablespoons of sugar in hot water. Add this syrup to lime juice. Add water to fill up the tumbler. Stir and adjust the sweetness to taste. Chill for a couple of hours. Serve. 

You can order this drink everywhere in Malaysia - limau ais at the mamak stalls, lime juice at fancy restaurants, limau ping at Chinese kopitiams. It's a very Malaysian thing, to have the tartness of the limes tempered with sweet sweet syrup, as opposed to Western lemonades, where sour dominates. I love both variations.

The props for this picture is a recent acquisition. I saw this old stool in a second hand furniture shop, tucked sadly underneath other furniture. I couldn't even take it out to look at it properly, as it would mean mobilizing a dozen tables and chairs stacked on top and around it. It had torn leather upholstery and scratched legs, but it was the height and size I wanted. So I told the girl I wanted it reupholstered and the wood restored. I then went back to the store with this striped French-style fabric that I've been keeping for a while. Now here it is! My brand new old stool! Isn't it beautiful? It has a classic design that is at once vintage and modern. I also rescued two other taller stools (in the last picture below) and had them reupholstered in the same fabric. They will probably go in the kids' playroom or my studio, once I have done the rooms up. That's another project for 2011!
Happy new year to you and yours!

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Liz said...

ooo..nice ones..where is the 2nd hand furniture store? need to lookout for stuff soon for my new place

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