Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm not trying to be anything more than egg and mayo wrapped in seaweed!

My girls are fussy eaters, particularly Angelica. She goes through phases - steamed egg only, pasta only, hard-boiled egg only, noodles only, chicken soup only. Lauren is a better eater than her sister, but she's still young, give her time. Now Angelica is going through the soup and rice stage again, and if I so much as sneak a strand of vegetable or a sliver of meat in there, her supersonic tongue spots it and out comes the whole mouthful. So covert is not the way to go with her. I need to be transparent, like in a business deal. Everything needs to be negotiated up front and agreed to by both parties. 

Dinner conversations usually go like this:
Angelica: Only rice and soup, Mommy. Don't cheat me ah.
Me (feigning innocence): I don't know how that vege got in there! Ok, ok, I'll not let it happen again. 
Angelica: Hmmmph!
Me: Ok, how about this? You can play the Ipad after dinner if you eat three spoonfuls of rice with chicken meat in it, and the rest can be just rice and soup.
Angelica: Can I dip the meat in soy sauce?
Me: Sure.
Angelica: Two spoonfuls.
Me: Three and you get the Ipad.
Angelica: Fine!

Are you stressed out yet? I am.

But thankfully, she's taken a liking to sushi. Seaweed, good. Egg, good. So this is just a simple roll containing rice, fried egg cut into strips and mayonnaise wrapped in a sheet of organic seaweed. She thinks it's sushi and we shall leave it at that. She doesn't need to know I beat sesame seeds and dried parsley into the eggs. At least she gets her proteins and minerals.
I sneak this into her lunchbox sometimes. Feel free to use it on your 5-year-old. You're welcome!

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