Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Laptops and jewelry make my day!

On Monday, I come home from work to see Angelica engrossed with something on her lap. She doesn't even look up when I walk in the door. You see, she has a brand new laptop.
It's not just any's an Apple Laptop, she proudly told me. I just about died laughing.
Lauren must have what her sister has, so I make one for her too. It's not as good a job as Angelica's, but Lauren is happy. Her only requirement is that not only is there to be an apple on the outside, but cupcake, banana, pear, orange, chair, tree and a green apple too. I died laughing at this one too.
Then Angelica wanted to make some jewelry, so that she can have some of her own instead of borrowing mine all the time. Oooo...kay! Here's an original design by Angelica: a rainbow necklace and matching earrings.
 Here's Lauren's swanky love necklace.
 As long as my girls are happy with cardboard laptops and pretend necklaces, I'm happy too!


Yi Ling said...

Hi Elaine,
Your girls are so cute. My girl (elder one, younger is only 1 yo plus so i am not able to observe yet) is not into girly stuff. She plays with plastic dinosaurs and able to pronounce different species of dinosaurs *faint*. She would not let me tie or pin up her hair, much to my exasperation.

Elaine said...

Hi Yi Ling,
Your girls sound lovely too:) Thanks for visiting!

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