Friday, December 24, 2010

I love my Christmas tree!

It's Christmas! The girls, particularly Angelica, have been waiting for this day forever! She had a wishlist for us since boxing day last year, actually. But the momentum has built up over the last few weeks as Present Day loomed nearer. 
Between the two sets of grandparents, aunt, uncle and us, we got her most of the things she asked for. This list above is not exhaustive, by the way. There are many many more verbal requests. (Lauren is not old enough to ask for things yet.) 

I'd like to think we showed a LOT of restraint this year with presents. Only what the girls would really love and what they'd use for a long time. Books, art supplies, jigsaw puzzles, Play Doh.

Oh yes, I bought a new Christmas tree. It's came flat-packed like this, which is the reason I bought it. It can be packed up in the same way when Christmas is over. 
It's not exactly a conventional Christmas tree, but I love the clean, organic lines of the wire and the sheer simplicity of it. Whoever designed it is a genius! (Ikea, actually.)
For decorations, I punched out three-inch circles on a craft punch, gave the girls a bunch of stickers and magic pens, and voila! A completely one-of-a-kind Christmas tree that everyone helped put together.
Angelica already has grand plans for a Valentine's Day tree with this baby! 

Merry Christmas!

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