Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to stage a homemade puppet show

What you need:
An empty box or carton from your kids' Christmas present
Used paper folders from work
Colour/ origami paper
Ice cream sticks
Card stock or thick drawing paper
Magic pens/ markers
Masking tape
1 kid to work the puppets

Step 1: Take a decent sized box and cut an opening along the bottom panel.
Step 2: Gather some old used folders and cut out random shapes to use as a frame for the stage. Make sure the size of the frames cover the front panels of the box.
Step 3: Glue the cardboard cut-outs all along the panels of the carton.
Step 4: Decorate with colour/ origami paper.
Step 5: Have your kid make up the characters of the puppet show. In this case: Girl, Rabbit, various Origami People. Use cardstock and mount them on ice-cream sticks. If the sticks are not long enough, double up and secure with masking tape.
 Step 6: Mount the puppet stage on the edge of a table, so that you can stick the puppets through the opening on the bottom panel. This is a hit and miss process. Try everything at your disposal to make it stick. In my case, masking tape and a chair to prop up the stage.
Step 7: Have your kid decorate the backdrop of the stage any way she wants. She's going to do that anyway, so you might as well make it sound like your idea.
Step 8: It's showtime!
Once upon a time a girl wanted to go to Origami Land, so the Rabbit told her to go.
When she got there, she saw a diamond shaped sun and shell-shaped clouds. There were also trees and plants. She met Origami People - a Diamond, a Star and a Bird.
She also met a Cup, a Love and a Circle.
She loved Origami Land so much she decided to stay there forever. The end.

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