Monday, December 13, 2010

How to put together a pantry of goodness

I'm going to show you how easy it is to put together an organic pantry of goodies for kids. When Angelica was younger, her snacks were all healthy and organic - broccoli and cauliflower heads, organic breadsticks, edamame beans, boiled peas, raisins, prunes etc. As she grew older, I relaxed the rules a little. She could have the occasional cupcake, egg tart, Yan Yan sticks (it's sticks of biscuits dipped in strawberry sauce, something probably every Malaysian kid grew up with), Panda biscuits (again, Panda bear shaped biscuits filled with strawberry cream), corn chips and other such nonsense. I stop short of giving her fizzy drinks, but everything else she can try at least once and have occasionally. So when Lauren came along, it was challenging juggling snacks for the older and younger child.

However, after one particular weekend of sugar highs and hyperactivity, I figure I better cut down on the sugary snacks for both of them. I went through my fridge and pantry and threw out everything that contains processed sugar and additives, and replaced them with these...
A trip to Justlife filled up the snack pantry nicely. These are food that the girls already like - dried cranberries, cashew nuts, walnuts, hazel nuts, black mission figs (Lauren's new favourite), raisins and seaweed sheets. All organic, flavourful and full of nutritious goodness for the kids. 

Have you edited your kids' snacks lately?

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