Monday, December 6, 2010

Grumpy mama = no-good mama

I have been very grumpy with the kids of late. I decide to come to a skidding halt (like the cartoon characters do). The outcome of juggling too many things on my mind is that everything comes out half-baked. What good is that to anyone?

So once I come home from work, I put the laptop and phone away. The online world will not miss me for a few hours, and true enough, it didn't. But my kids miss me while I was at work, which is why they're climbing all over me the minute I get home. Angelica has drawn a million pictures for me while I was gone, and Lauren, well, I guess she has gone through most of the food in the fridge. Excuse her, she's only two.

I stayed unconnected the entire weekend too, which was so much better than staying connected. We did some Christmas shopping and the kids opened a restaurant.
See, I told ya! (The last item is water).

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