Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Damn you Toy Story 3!

If you think I've forgotten about Project Declutter, I haven't. It's going slower than I thought, and I take full responsibility for that. I'm still weeding things out bit by bit, and hoping that the whole exercise will culminate in an old-fashioned jumble sale some time at the beginning of 2011. Watch this space. 

For something more immediate, I decide to scale down the amount of my girls' furry friends. Angelica has a box of her baby soft toys stashed away in my cupboards, a box under the bed and about a hundred scattered throughout the house, on the sofa, on the floor, in my bed. At night, I have to wade through a whole platoon of soft creatures to get to my pillow. The situation is out of control. 

She loves Dibo The Gift Dragon, and when Toys 'r' Us starts selling the toys, she wants Bunny. What? Another creature to add to the menagerie at home?

So we struck a deal.

She is allowed to keep 10 of her most beloved furry friends (including the as yet unbought Bunny), and the rest goes to the giveaway pile, to be given to other kids who need them. So the process of haggling and negotiating starts. We have whittled it down to about 15 toys. We're both letting the 15 choices simmer for a while, before making the final decision on the weekend. Seeing what a good sport she has been about the whole thing, I went to the stores to get Bunny to surprise her. 

It seems every little pink-mad girl in town wants Bunny, because she is all sold out. A quick phone call to Angelica sorts it out; she'll take Elo instead. And so Elo the green elephant joins our family. All is well, you think?

All is NOT well. Because along with Elo, I had the bright idea of picking up Toy Story 3 for the girls. I barely remember the first Toy Story, and I think I missed number two. So how on earth am I to know that number three would have us glued to the TV and bawling like babies, more specifically, ME bawling like a baby. It confirms everything I've believed all along, that all my toys are alive and have feelings! I knew there was a reason I kept my Snoopy all these years!

That's it, I am NEVER throwing any toys out, EVER! I hate you Toy Story 3, you manipulative, incredibly insightful and totally true cartoon!

If you're decluttering, DON'T WATCH IT!

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