Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas gift wrap made easy!

It's three weeks to Christmas! Are all your presents bought and wrapped? Ever since Angelica was born, I have gone a tad overboard with present buying, which is why they end up with so much stuff! This year, I told my husband, they get ONE gift each, ONE! We have done pretty well so far. I bought them a pencil case each, and my husband bought them a Play-Doh set yesterday. Ok, ok, ONE gift from each of us. Hey, give us a break. This is showing a lot of restraint for two people who usually go mad at the shops during present time.

This year, I also decided to forgo the gift-wraps from Ikea and make something economical but nice. If you haven't gotten your stash, give this a try. It costs less than RM10, and you can use it for many more Christmasses, birthdays, etc.

You will need:
Mahjong paper - about RM3 for a huge roll. There are maybe 12 large sheets in a roll. You can also get it in white. I got mine a couple of years ago and I still have many sheets left.
Ball of twine - RM2.50 each.
Craft stamps - I didn't include the cost of this as I use them for so many other things. You can find them online, in art shops or some bookstores.
Ink pad.
Paper doilies - RM3 for a pack of 12.

Steps: Stamp the mahjong paper in any design you like. Cut it to size and wrap present. Secure with cellophane tape or twine. Because the paper is so cheap, I just made sure it covered the entire present and secured with twine, so I didn't even need tape. Attach doily. Voila!

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