Monday, November 15, 2010

A romp in the park

Lauren was born on her father's birthday, so I told my husband I am done with birthday gifts for him for eternity, for she is the gift that keeps on giving! Heh! This year, I didn't plan anything elaborate. The whole family went for a picnic at an agro-forestry park called Bukit Cahaya. It gets the kids close to nature and the adults miles away from a shopping mall - that's two pluses right there.

It was a zero-fuss birthday, which was very in keeping with our current style of life - trying to reduce and declutter. I didn't even make any of the food we ate. I ordered putu mayam from Mr Putu Mayam the evening before. He sure was happy to get an order for 20! I think I just about swiped half his supply. On the morning itself, on the way to the destination, we made a pit stop at the local mamak shop and ordered up roti canai and nasi lemak, all with our own containers of course. The only thing that was homemade was the sirap, but that was from the batch I made last month. I added some apples and langsat to the lot, and I assure you, kings would not have a grander feast than we had that morning.
The kids' favorite snack of the moment - putu mayam!

Roti canai is a great food for the kids to tear at with their fingers. The dhaal is non-spicy, so even the little ones can enjoy.
Ice tea? Even better, ice sirap!
No Malaysian picnic is complete without langsat.
The kids then took off on their bikes and had a blast playing near the trees.
The birthday man taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.
When the sun got a bit too hot, we packed up and headed home for some eggs, long-life noodles, cake and presents.
Happy birthday, little one, my love. My birthday wish for you and your dad is that you learn the beauty of a simple life and that you will always have everything you need - family surrounding you, good food to eat and lots of love.


Yi Ling said...

Hi Elaine,
I just noticed that your second girl has got little hair, unlike your first girl. Mine is the same case. My first girl has got thick hair but second girl has lesser hair that will all stick to her scalp when she sweats.
It is just amazing that siblings can be completely different in looks, character, temperament etc.
I guess the beauty of having children is to slowly notice their traits like opening a little gift everyday. Don't you think so?

Elaine said...

HI Yi Ling,
YOu're so right:) I love that my girls are so different. They make me laugh every day!

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