Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why 24 hours are not enough

Day 15. I am at the quarter mark.

On a scale of one to 10, I think I have made a progress of 3, which is very good for this perpetual hoarder. If there was a decluttering award, I would win Most Improved.

Like the good little declutterer who read countless blogs and articles on decluttering, I am doing as the experts advocate, throw away something every day. Even if I have no solid block of time to do massive clearing, I choose an area to work on - a drawer or shelf. It's slow, but I'm at least going through my things and editing. You won't get an interesting post every day about the cool things I am getting rid of because it's mostly free coasters from hotels, countless bottles of hotel toiletries, pens with no more ink, old notebooks, knick knacks, useless items that I've collected over the years from working trips and holidays, old movie ticket stubs, old socks that I kept for some unfathomable reason.

I can only snatch a half an hour here or there because two spirited girls need my constant attention.  Usually, it's just easier to surrender. Like when they want to paint...
...or when Lauren started getting obsessed with scissors and wanted to cut everything in sight, including my hair. The sign below is for when she turns into monster hairdresser. Pink Barbie (fake) scissors, yes. Real scissors with real blades, NO.
 ...or when Angelica wants to write a story. She started reading, so now she dictates the story to me to write down next to her pictures.
The mermaid is in the water swimming. One day, the fish met the mermaid.
One day, me and my sister played ball at the beach. And then me and my sister saw some shells.
 One day I went swimming and I saw some seaweed.
 Then, the little mermaid swam to the waves. She swam up to the shores. I met the little mermaid. The end.

...or when Angelica, the girl who ONLY eats pasta, noodles or rice, suddenly wants a sandwich after school.
There you go. Just a regular old day in my life.


Pearl Bhasin said...

Gorgeous pics, Elaine! And such an insight!:) Thanks for sharing!! :)

Elaine said...

Thank you Pearl!:) I'm loving your Marie Antoinette collection. All GORGEOUS!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

I love that you are decluttering. That is an admirable goal, indeed. Your sandwiches are gorgeous. I've never said that about sandwiches, but trust me, my kid's sandwiches don't look like that at all. =)

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