Friday, October 22, 2010

This is why I don't need another pair of shoes

I am giving all these away. Most are brand new, totally unworn. Some have been worn a handful of times. Why did I buy them? I don't know, the same reason women buy shoes indiscriminately - they are pretty, they are on sale, they fill a void in life. 

Now I am 12 pairs lighter, literally and figuratively. It feels good. There was that little voice in my head that told me now I could go out and get new ones, since there's space in the shoe closet. Unfortunately for the voice, I am not listening. Not that I really hear voices in my head, just so you know...

I also figured out something quite clever. If I can't go out and get new stuff, I can always go out and get fruit. Yummy, wholesome goodness for the kids. I trawled the produce aisle and came home with packham pears, avocados, pomegranates(!) and organic sweet potatoes! They make the kids grow and once you've eaten them, they're gone! No need to find closet space for fruit. It's kinda like a hoarder's patch, the way nicotine patches work for people who want to quit smoking, only healthier.

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