Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want to go to Korea and China - By Angelica

It seems my little girl has caught some wanderlust. I have been telling her the wonderful trips we'll have when she and her sister are a little older. 

Angelica: Mommy, SY is not going to Year 2 next year. She's going to Korea.
(SY is her classmate).
Me: You mean she's going back to Korea? Her family's going back?
Angelica: Oh.

Pregnant pause.

Angelica: SY is five years old, you know. When's my birthday again?
Me: December.
Angelica: I turn five in December, right?
Me: Yes.
Angelica: Does that mean I can go to Korea too? I don't want to go to Year 2. I want to go to Korea.


Me: Well, SY is from Korea, so she's going back to Korea, not going there for a holiday. It's different. Her home is there.
Angelica: So I can't go?
Me: Well, you're still a little young to travel. Lauren too.

Another pregnant pause.

Angelica: Mommy, I'm Chinese right? I come from China?
Me: Yes, we're Chinese. My grandfather came from China, but you and me, we're born in Malaysia. We're Malaysian Chinese.
Angelica: But China is my home?
Me: Yyy...esss...
Angelica: Then I want to go to China! When I'm five years old, I can go back to China.

You tell me, how do you argue with logic like that?

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