Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have you had your putu mayam fix today?

Growing up in a predominantly Chinese town, I never had the chance to taste putu mayam, a South Indian snack made of rice flour and eaten with grated coconut and palm sugar. We had a bread van that came tutting during the evening, offering bread buns stuffed with red beans, butter cream and such. And the ice-cream man ringing his bell offering sweet sorbet. But no putu mayam.

In KL, I haven't come across the bread vans of my hometown, nor ice cream men selling our childhood sorbet. The ice cream sold nowadays are probably Magnolia or Nestle. But we do have Mr Putu Mayam, who comes every evening, hawking his wares on his motorcycle. I've never really paid heed to him, until one evening when I decided it was high time I tried this simple snack. Oh, and the kids of course.

Before we went to the park, the kids counted out the money to buy their snack. It is only 50sen a piece. We readied plates and a bowl for the coconut and sugar, so there is no need to waste the paper Mr Putu Mayam usually wraps his wares in for his customers.
The kids love it! Now whenever she hears the tut tut of the putu mayam man on his motorcycle, Lauren screams "putu mayam!" at the top of her lungs and runs to the door. I let them have it once a week. Me, I could have it everyday.


Monkee said...

me loves putu mayam too. ooo love ur cina bowls by the way! i must add that to my collection.

Elaine said...

I bought that bowl from HK. I think it's Japanese. Find in Tokyo!

lizchong77 said...

Can help get mr. Putu Mayam's tel no next time? My colleague was looking high and low for it for our office bfast sessions :-)

Elaine said...

We've moved away:( New area doesn't have a mr putu mayam.

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