Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finally, a little sewing!

Day 8.

Here's a little addendum to yesterday's post. These are the Carlsberg glasses I chucked. U-G-L-Y right?
Glad I got that out of the way...
I started on my wardrobe today, gulp! I am the girl who still has clothes she wore in uni, so this is not easy for me. But at least the ball has been rolled, things set in motion, and hopefully, to quote Tim Gunn again, I make it work.
Would you like a peek?
Here, a better view. That's not a lot of clothes, you say. It's quite organized, you say. Wait a minute, did you think this is my "after" shot? This is what my wardrobe looks like after I have successfully thrown out clothes? No way! These are the things I am getting rid of! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will my wardrobe be organized in one. At last count, I am getting rid of two pantsuits, 2 jackets, 10 dresses, 9 pairs of pants and 5 blouses. That's pretty ruthless in my books! Sob!
I'm keeping this though. I practically lived in it for both my pregnancies. It wasn't a maternity dress; these A-line dresses were in when I was pregnant both times, so I lucked out. I still love the print, and I can wear it belted. But I might turn it into a couple of dresses for the girls. Let's see how that goes.
I have worn this dress a total of 1 time since I bought it 6 years ago. I think it's a beautiful dress with the ruching on the bodice, but somehow never found much occasion to wear it. Now I have a reason to do something with it, because Angelica told me yesterday she wants to be a mermaid for the Halloween party at her school. I'm gonna turn this baby into a beautiful mermaid tail! Read on for more.
This dress I am sadly relinquishing. It's brand new, with tag! But I haven't worn it at all since I bought it and I don't think I'm likely to.
All packed up and ready to go to a few places. I'm giving them to organizations that help women get back into the workforce. Once I find the right match, I'll blog about it. 
Turning that dress into a mermaid costume took me 15 minutes. I took in 2 inches on both sides and cut off the skirt. What used to be the waist of that dress now fits snugly around Angelica's knees, and the skirt billows nicely, like a mermaid's tail-fins. The ruching on the original bodice actually makes it look even more like a tail!
It's been a great day!:)

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