Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 4 and Saturday Morning Breakfast

The plan was to go to the recycle center today with Angelica with my loot. I want to show her how people recycle and what they do with the things we being, but the traffic was horrendous. It took me half an hour just to get past the toll, when normally it only took 10 minutes, so we had cake and tea instead at a nearer mall. At least everything is packed in the boot of my car and ready to be dropped off at the recycle center sometime next week.

Also, on the rare occasion that I make breakfast for the entire family, I came up with something easy, delicious and nutritious. This is my tomato and avocado salad. Just toss everything together with butterhead lettuce or any other green of your choice. Those are sausages on the right, not exactly the healthiest choice for the kids, but the salad balances it out... I think.
The real star of the show is this yummy Japanese sesame dressing I got from the supermarket. Drizzle generously on the salad and you're ready to go. It's very tasty and flavorful. 
I made this plain scrambled eggs and dressed it with black sesame seed and dried parsley.
This makes a nice filling breakfast with plenty of greens on the side. It took only half and hour to put together. This is what I do. Put the sausages in the saucepan to cook. While that is cooking, put together the salad - wash the lettuce, halve the tomatoes and cube the avocado. Turn sausages until cooked through. Beat 6 eggs and put in another pan to scramble. Check sausages and remove from heat when cooked. Continue scrambling eggs. Remove eggs from pan. Drizzle dressing on salad and toss. Serve.

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