Friday, October 8, 2010

Bye bye beloved toys! Sob!

Day 10.

Big task today - getting rid of the kids' toys.  Like me, my kids are sentimental to a fault. You know that plastic doll with only the upper torso that comes with the jelly cakes that was all the rage a couple years ago? Angelica kept it for the longest time, even though it didn't have legs. It's kinda cruel to make dolls without their lower body, don't you think? I finally got rid of it covertly. I hid it in a box and made sure she hadn't asked for it in a month before I chucked it.

So I knew today won't be easy. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it! I pulled out all their toys while Lauren was napping and before Angelica came home from school, and labelled three containers with "Give", "Keep" and "Maybe".
Tip for getting rid of kids' toys : It was a great idea to lay everything out on the floor before we start, because the girls got excited at the sight of their toys and perhaps thought it was a game. *Grin* But I explained to both of them that the things in the "Give" box will be given to other babies who will be very happy to get the presents.
The result of our little exercise. I was surprised; I thought the "Give" box might be empty and the "Keep" box sky high. As we threw the things in the bin, we could hear Lauren rummaging through them and saying "I want! I want!" She claimed a few things and brought them possessively to the other side of the room, but those were from the "Keep" pile anyway, so phew!
The biggest achievement of the day was persuading the girls to give their beloved restaurant and cleaning trolleys away. 
I had another separation anxiety moment as we put all these in the "Give" pile. These were toys the girls literally grew up with and some of their favorites. But I decided a picture would suffice. They would just be gathering dust anyway; better that they make another kid happy. 

Excuse me while I go and cry.

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dE said...

wow this is a big day! good on ya for teaching the girls about sharing early :)

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