Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two Weeks Leave

I have never taken leave from work to do nothing and it's about time I started! For the next 14 days, I'm not going on a vacation. I'm just going to stay home and have some me time. Me-with-my-cooking-and-sewing-and-playing-with-the-kids time, to be more exact.

It feels GLORIOUS!

It's already been very productive so far. On Sunday, I customized a blanket for a little boy who loves cars. His mommy ordered one of these, but said that he likes cars, trains and balls. I've always wanted to design my own fabric, so this is a teeny tiny step in that direction. I had an adorable car stamp and fabric ink in a myriad of colours, and here's the result! How cute are those cars!

AND I finished the blanket I was making for the girls! Do you like it?
Today I went out and gathered all the ingredients I need for new recipes I want to try out. Stay tuned for an avalanche of new food entries!

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