Thursday, September 2, 2010

I spotted these...

So, I'm spring cleaning/ decluttering/ decorating my home. I wish I had a magic wand that will magically zap everything I don't need away and let the necessary remain. Unfortunately I don't, so the going is a little slow. Read VERY slow. I get ideas faster in my head than my hands can clean and throw.

In order to procrastinate productively (yes, there is such a thing), I went looking for nice stuff I can decorate with. I'm doing red today to fire up the midweek.

These would be perfect in my foyer.
Another vintage school desk find.
How cool is this Matryoshka print fabric from Etsy? I'm thinking cushions, wall panels!!!
These gorgeous red plates can be found at

These leather apple containers look like a plastic version my mother had.
OK, now back to work...

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