Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to declutter your home in 60 days

The above is a question, not a statement. I have no clue. But Project Declutter has officially started. I'm hoping that if I blog about it, I'll motivate myself. If I have one talent, it is the superpower to permeate any space with things. So by the end of this project, I hope to clear out half my house. Gulp!

It's Day 1. I started with the most visible and accessible things - my library on the landing upstairs and the kids' book cupboard downstairs.

The above are shots of my overflowing library. I pick up books and magazines everywhere I go, like how some people pick up strays.

I should mention my other talent is to form attachments with certain objects that come my way during key periods of my life. Let me demonstrate.
Exhibit A: This is the book I used to choose the names of my girls. 
Angelica. She was actually named after Angelica from The Rugrats, but I still had to made sure it had a good meaning. I am Chinese after all. Angelica means angel of God. The Rugrat thing is because I want her to have strong character, to be a leader. Mission accomplished.
Lauren, which means a crown of laurel leaves, which signifies victory.

So I've been hanging on to the book until now, when I really have no need for it anymore. It holds sentimental value for me. Tonight, I am relegating it to the giveaway pile. It's time for someone else to find a lovely name in it for their children.
Exhibit B: I love Home Beautiful magazine. I used so many of them as reference when we were renovating this house. My post-its are still there.
This was what I wanted my kitchen to look like, to have it open up fully to the backyard. In the end, we didn't do it this way, but this remains my dream kitchen layout. How to throw I ask you? But throw I must.
Surprisingly, I made up these piles quite quickly. At the top left is the pile of gossip magazines that I've kept for at least five years. What was I thinking? That suddenly I would need to look up whether Britney shaved her head because she was insane, or whether Tom Cruise was brain-washing Katie Holmes? Seriously? Out they all went.
I am keeping these though. These are what I call milestone events, like when Angelina had Shiloh and her twins, when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced (sob!), when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced (double sob!). Let's move on now.
Exhibit C: The Sex and the City desk calendar, circa 2004. This was the first SATC calendar out I think and also when the show was at its peak. I've kept it for six years! Enough already. Throw!

I'm getting rid of these, for a donation of RM2 each. Proceeds will go to an orphanage of my choice.
If you are in KL and would like any of the above, send me an email by tomorrow. Angelolli(dot)angelolli(at)gmail(dot)com. As my purpose is to empty out my house, I do not want to hang on to these for too long. If no one is interested, the books will be given to various charities by this weekend.

Phew! That was therapeutic. Here's a shot of the children's cupboard downstairs, all cleaned up and decluttered. There are no double placements and everything is within easy reach for the girls. I also have a bag of children's books to give away, but didn't manage to take pictures. Message me if you're interested.
Stick around for Day 2!


dE said...

wow sis - you're doing soo well. I'm so proud of you. Can I book the First meals by annabel karmel (is it any good??)thanks :)
keep up the good work! can't wait for day 2

Elaine said...

Ok, I'll put that aside for you:) Quite good. I used it for Angel's first foods. It has food for older kids too, up to 7 or 8 I think. Is anyone going down? i can send...

Mel said...

hi elaine

actually i'm also interested in the cookbook by annabel karmel but now it's not available anymore. do u have any other recipe cookbooks?

Elaine said...

Hi Mel,
The first pic of the books, those are all cookbooks. You can click the picture for a clearer view. I'll be clearing more as I go, so keep checking in:)

dE said...

sorry mel - beat you to it :P
ma was posting some stuff over to me - but I don't need it yet anyway :)

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