Thursday, August 5, 2010

A very busy Saturday

I totally forgot about these pictures until I opened up my files today to do some editing. I've been trying to make up for lost time lately, cooking, making stuff and taking pictures of the things I cook and make. I may have gone a tad overboard, for I walked into the living room two Saturdays ago and saw the girls being rather busy. Can you see what they're doing?
They were trying to style this! It's Square Dolly that Angelica made with a carton.

Presenting: the end result of their little photo shoot. 
Photographer and stylist: Angelica. Stylist and photographer's assistant: Lauren. Style: Angelica was going for the cluttered look, while Lauren was going for the take-all-props-away look. I think she was just trying to take all props away. So a compromise was reached. Camera: my old Sony Cybershot. 

After that, they wanted to paint, but I was not in the mood to clean up after them, so out came the trusty sidewalk chalks. This is just me playing around with the camera while watching them. I love their little silver and gold ballerina flats. 
Then it was off to the playground; they would eat and sleep there if they could.

On the way back, we caught the sunset.
This is Angelica's rendition of it. She got to paint after all!
Hope your weekend was as tiring, I mean fun, as mine!

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Stace said...

Stylist & assistant in the making???? :)

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