Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Rainbow Series by Angelica

I am exploring doing a series of paintings with Angelica. We both come up with a theme/item, and she does between two or four drawings based on that. We experimented a little here (this was a hearts theme but you can't see the heart drawings because they have been painted over. I want to get her to focus her creativity. Her drawings are still quite random, which is good, because it shows she is not confined by conventions, that her thought process is not boxed in yet by what should be on the page. But I also want to take that randomness and channel it into something tangible, much like how we do her picture stories. It's also how I envisioned artists and designers come up with a series or collection.

Below are the pictures Angelica took with my Sony Cybershot, which has become her camera, but only when I am around.

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