Monday, August 16, 2010

A little preview

I haven't posted anything on crafting for a while, so here's a sneak preview on my Bedlinens Project. I am challenging myself to create sets of bedlinen for my Angelica and Lauren from material I got from my fabric hunt last month. I bought at least 40 different designs from various shops. Either I was very inspired or the new stock in the shops were too fabulous to pass up. A bit of both I would say.

I found a gorgeous pink print that I knew Angelica the Pink Fiend would love. Pairing it with a geometrical floral print in green for a nice contrast.
Trying out a new technique (not new in sewing, just new to me), reverse applique. It's very tedious work; takes me about half an hour to complete one applique. If you're interested, there are numerous tutorials online. Just google it. I'm hoping it gets easier with practice. I would also suggest a coarser cotton to do it in. My fabric, though cotton, was a little slippery, and therefore harder to handle. The brief to me was simply "hearts and stars". Hoping to get this done soon so I can show you the completed product.

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